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Blog Mission

Rosenblog is the labor of love of Seattle writer, journalist and Web consultant Matt Rosenberg, whose work appeared  regularly for three years in a guest op-ed column in The Seattle Times, and runs in numerous other national and regional magazines, newspapers and Web logs, or "blogs." More on Matt's background at "About Me."
Why Rosenblog? Because alternative media matters. Especially, and more than ever, blogs matter. Rosenblog proffers a savvy, occasionally smart-assed, center-right perspective on policy, politics and culture, with immediacy and verve. The site highlights the Northwest; the U.S.; and selected world hot spots - with a special interest in political culture, Nanny-Statism, education, global democracy, and odd ephemera. At Rosenblog, you'll also find occasional epistles on Northwest travel, plus food, music, literature, and whatever else strikes Matt's fancy. Because Matt is (since 1994) from Seattle, you'll get some real NW flava at Rosenblog. His no-nonsense Chicago roots show through, though.
Matt's also proud to be a Co-founding Contributor of the leading Northwest political blog, Sound Politics, an outstanding venture dreamed up by uber-blogger and friend Stefan Sharkansky, a man who is so smart it's scary. Matt's also a regular contributor to the high-impact, national political blog, Red State.
Matt sees blogging and the blogosphere as an exciting development; a phenomenon and means of communication which will have an increasingly profound influence on the public and business spheres in months and years to come. You can read some of his published pieces on the blogosphere's importance, and other topics, by clicking on "Consulting/Triad Project." 
As a professional writer and journalist, editorial consultant and Web content specialist, Matt's ready to serve the needs of your own current or planned Web site, or that of your organization or company. He has formed a working alliance with an excellent database specialist in Virginia (Jeff Brazill) and an outstanding Web designer in Portland, Oregon (Philip Wright), each of whom - like Matt - offers an array of services. Together, all three can help your Web initiatives become reality. More on Matt's main page at "Consulting/Triad Project," or at http://www.triadproject.com.
Please bookmark Rosenblog, and feel free to leave on-topic, non-spam comments as often as you like (see "Comment Tips"). Civil dissent is welcome!