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November 01, 2009

Here are some examples of Matt's work in professional journalism, presently limited here to articles and commentaries he has authored for newspapers and magazine, which are also available online. Last updated May 2010.


"Get Better King County Government By Offering Your Voice," (Robinson Newspapers - West Seattle/Ballard/Highline/Federal Way)

"Openness Can Make Citizens Collaborators With Officials" (Crosscut)

"Time To Go 'All-In' On Tolls," (Crosscut)

"Flexible Tolling: The Key To Solving Our Congestion" (Crosscut)

"Ready To Try Public Private Partnerships Yet?" (Crosscut)

"What Is It About Mileage Taxes Obama Doesn't Understand" (Crosscut)

"How To Pay For The Roads Still Traveled" (Crosscut)

"Time For A Bus-fare Reality Check" (Crosscut)

Columbia River Crossing: A Bridge To The Future," (The Oregonian)

"Hurray For Mass Transit, But It's No Silver Bullet" (Crosscut)

"Putting Politics Ahead Of Kids" (Seattle Times)

"It Isn't Racism That's Oppressing Seattle Public Schools Students, It's Inflexibility" (Crosscut)

"Thugs On Parade" (City Journal)

"Ample Water Potential, But a Leadership Drought: Toward a 21st Century Regional Water Policy for Central Puget Sound" (White Paper, Cascadia Center, Discovery Institute)

"It's Clear: Plan Today For Water Tomorrow," (Sunday op-ed) (Tacoma News Tribune)

"Blue City Conservatives - Meet Seattle's Biggest Closet Cases: The Republicans Next Door" (Seattle Weekly)

"Why Adopt? Couples Share Their Stories" (Parent Map)


Urban economic development
"Capitalism May Rescue Troubled City Turf" (inner city development) (Seattle Times)

"Jumpin' At The Junction" (West Seattle's boom) (Seattle Times)

"Bremerton Searches For Life And Leadership" (economic development/op-ed) (Seattle Times)

"Bremerton's Grand Plan To Revitalize Its Core" (economic development/op-ed) (Seattle Times)

"Kitsap Kicks It Up: ...Peninsula's 'Downtown' Aims To Pull Itself Out Of The Doldrums" (Sunday opinion section cover) (Seattle Times)

"Muckleshoot Tribe Pumps Up Auburn Economy" (Puget Sound Business Journal)

Social services
"Lending A Hand To Hard-luck Kids" (transitional living and guidance for formerly homeless minority teens) (Seattle Times)

"A Double Shot Of Lukewarm Logic" (proposed Seattle latte tax) (Seattle Times)

Crime, public safety
"Grasping For Answers In The City Of Fear" (Mardi Gras '01 riots in Seattle, policing) (Seattle Times)

"The 'Silent War' Against Black-On-Black Violence" (Seattle Times)

Public education
"Why Some Walk Away From Seattle Public Schools" (Seattle Times)

"Seattle Public Schools An Academic Crapshoot" (Seattle Times)

""Technology Can't Bridge Seattle's Educational Gaps" (Seattle Times)

"Gripes, Hopes And Fears: Seattle Students Sound Off" (Seattle Times)

"School Reform's Missing Piece" (charter schools) (Seattle Times)

"Charter School Foes Are Running Out Of Excuses" (Seattle Times)

"Parents Who Raise Readers Open Door to Success" (Seattle Times)

"Don't Blame the Schools for Enforcing Boundaries" (Seattle Times)

"It Makes Sense To Help Sub-PAR Teachers" (Seattle Times)

"Moving Race Discussion Beyond Cries Of Racism" (Seattle Times)

"Confronting White Guilt" (Seattle Times)

"Community Doesn't Need More Racial Posturing" (Seattle Times)

"The Stereotypes That Feed Seattle's Racial Tensions" (Seattle Times)

Culture, political and otherwise
"Woe To The Moderates On The UW Campus" (Seattle Times)

"Shame On Fremont For Its Tribute To Lenin" (Seattle Times)

"Lessons In Art Of Survival For Bellevue Museum" (cutting-edge "art" falls flat) (Seattle Times)

"Comparing Seattle To The City By The Bray" (Seattle Times)

"The Worm At The Core Of Cuba's 'Little Seattle'" (Seattle Times)

"Altered Consciousness In The City By The Bay" (Seattle Times)

"Just Because You Can Doesn't Mean You Should" (technology run amok) (Seattle Times)

"Shun The Commercialism That Numbs Your Kids" (Seattle Times)

Local, regional, state politics and policy

"R-51 A Crucial Down Payment" (Seattle Times)

"Expanded Passenger Ferry Service Could Ease Region's Traffic Congestion" (Sunday opinion section cover) (Seattle Times)

"Carrying The Torch For Seattle's Lady Liberty" (Seattle Times)

"Keep Powered Scooters Off City Bike Paths" (Seattle Times)

"Uphill Battle In Bremerton" (Seattle Times)

"Sidran's 'Rocky Road' Runs Through The Eastside" (on '01 Seattle mayoral candidate & near-victor Mark Sidran) (Seattle Times)

"Meanwhile, The Auditor Keeps Democracy In Line" (Accountability Agenda Of WA State Auditor Brian Sonntag) (Seattle Times)

"More Money, Support Needed For State Parks" (Seattle Times)

Civic Engagement, Open Government
"Knocking Down Barriers To Civic Engagement," (Seattle Times)

"District Elections: Yes, To Shake Up The Council" (Seattle Times)

"City, County Must Close Lobbyist Disclosure Gap" (Seattle Times)

"Seattle Needs to Take The E-Government Plunge" (Seattle Times)

National & international
"Challenging Perspectives On AIDS and Gay Men" (Seattle Times)

"Gun-Control Advocates Should Change Their Tune" (Seattle Times)

"It's Time To Put An End To The Carnage Of Pit Bulls" (Seattle Times)

"Speaking Of Job Growth...." (Kerry vs. Bush on the economy) (Seattle Times)

*North Korea: Heads Up, Seattle (Seattle Weekly)

"The Bloody Hands Of The Weathermen" (Seattle Times)

"Risk in Iraq is Doing Too Little, Too Late"(Seattle Times)

"Global Democracy Needs Continual Push" (Seattle Times)

"Renton-based Mission Confronts Brutality In Sudan" (Seattle Times)

"Challenges For A Nation Poised Between Two Worlds" (Seattle Times)

Why blogs matter
"The Blogs Of Freedom" (Iraqi bloggers) (Seattle Times)

"Bill Cosby and the Blogosphere" (how blogs "give legs" to an "off limits" story) (National Review Online)

"Blog On!" (the growth of news and commentary blogs in and around Seattle) (Seattle Magazine)


"Bad Blocks" (urban blight) (Puget Sound Business Journal)

"Sometimes It Pays To Be Destructive" (demolition business) (Puget Sound Business Journal)

"No Place To Park" (downtown Seattle's parking shortage) (Puget Sound Business Journal)

"Mechanized Parking May Ease Land Crunch In Future, (Puget Sound Business Journal)

"Public Property Blight Poses Challenge For City" (rundown city properties) (Puget Sound Business Journal)


Cashing In:...PGA Championship A Windfall For Economy" (Puget Sound Business Journal)


Customers Begin To Demand More of Technology" (personal technology, mobile) (Puget Sound Business Journal)

"Get Ready For The Online Explosion" (e-commerce, incl. B2B) (Puget Sound Business Journal)

"Popularity of Internet Won't Peak For Years" (Internet metrics, usage) (Puget Sound Business Journal)

"Venturing A Risk" (venture capital, hi-tech) (Puget Sound Business Journal)

"Investors Look For Strong Management, Product" (venture capital/hi-tech) (Puget Sound Business Journal)

"Research Firms Aim to Reveal The Online Mind" (market research) (Puget Sound Business Journal)


"Early Investing Helps Avoid College Sticker Shock," (Puget Sound Business Journal)

"Medical Advice Via The Internet Is Good Rx" (Phoenix Business Journal)


"A Candle That Burns Brightest At Home" (teaching spirituality to children) (Parent Map)


"Where The Waters Meet" (Enjoying California's "Mendonoma" Coast) (California CEO)

"Dropping In On B.C.'s Laid Back, Counter-culture Hornby Island" (Seattle Times)

"Dream Getaways" (see "Riding Off Into The Washington Sunset," "Winding Your Way Down The Oregon Coast" and "South Willamette Valley Wine Country") (Seattle Magazine)

"Finding Northwest Spirit On South Sound Tides" (Seattle Times)

(Features, plus concert previews and reviews)

"Love Or Confusion?," (review of Hendrix tribute concert in Seattle) (

"Tim McGraw Serves Up Spice Faith Hill Lacks" (TacomaDome concert review) (Seattle Times)

"Bellevue Man Stretches Limits Of Pedal Steel Guitar" (Seattle Times)

"One With The Drum" (Japanese taiko drumming group, Kodo) (Seattle Times)

"She's Free As A Bird - Ndegocello Won't Be Caged Into A Single Style" (Seattle Times)

"Ozomatli's Coming - Get Set to Sweat" (Seattle Times)

"Galactic Orbits Its Funk Around A New Orleans Sound" (Seattle Times)

"The 'Blues Highway' Detours to Winthrop" (Winthrop Rhythm And Blues Festival) (Seattle Times)

"What's A Texas Banjo Picker Doing Playing Rock On Hood Canal?" (Danny Barnes) (Seattle Times)

"Alison Krause Knows Her Way Around A Ballad" (Seattle Times)

"No Surprise To Robert Bradley's Rock 'N Roll Success" (Seattle Times)

"Wolff: An Appeal Beyond The Inner Circle Of Jazz" (Seattle Times)

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