October 31, 2009

Matt's Local & Regional Content

Before delving into local news coverage as a Seattle freelance writer, and later, Seattle Times opinion columnist, Seattle-area news and opinion blogger, and Seattle-based transportation writer, Matt learned the local news business in suburban Chicago, covering three towns for a long-established chain, Lerner Newspapers. He covered the police and business beats, city government, public education, economic development, surface transportation, environmental issues including the O'Hare Airport expansion controversy, plus county, state and national politics of importance to his territory, and also wrote a wide variety of community-based features. In addition to penning local news and feature articles, he wrote police blotter items, opinion columns and editorials.

Matt continued writing, mainly op-eds and policy analyses for daily and community newspapers and trade journals during a 10-year stint working in public policy and strategic communications. In 1998 he resumed work in journalism, producing several hundred articles and opinion columns for a range of publications in the Seattle region, Washington state and nationally.

Following are samples of Matt's local online news and opinion writing and photography, from newspapers and blogs in the Seattle region.

Seattle-area Blogosphere
"Blog On!" (the growth of news and commentary blogs in and around Seattle) Seattle Magazine

Spot News
"Crawling Through The Wreckage" Sound Politics

Transportation, Infrastructure
"Hurray For Mass Transit, But It's No Silver Bullet" Crosscut

"Time For A Bus-fare Reality Check" Crosscut

"Flexible Tolling: The Key To Solving Our Congestion" Crosscut

"Keep Powered Scooters Off City Bike Paths" Seattle Times

Economic Development
"Bremerton's Grand Plan To Revitalize Its Core" Seattle Times

"Bremerton Searches For Life And Leadership" Seattle Times

"Kitsap Kicks It Up: ...Peninsula's 'Downtown' Aims To Pull Itself Out Of The Doldrums" (Sunday opinion section cover) Seattle Times

"Capitalism May Rescue Troubled City Turf" (inner city development) Seattle Times

"Jumpin' At The Junction" (West Seattle's boom) Seattle Times

"Muckleshoot Tribe Pumps Up Auburn Economy" Puget Sound Business Journal

"Bad Blocks" (urban blight) Puget Sound Business Journal

Cashing In:...PGA Championship A Windfall For Economy" Puget Sound Business Journal

Social Services, Non-Profits
"Lending A Hand To Hard-luck Kids" (transitional living and guidance for formerly homeless minority teens) Seattle Times

"Blue City Accountability" Sound Politics

"Renton-based Mission Confronts Brutality In Sudan" Seattle Times

"Uphill Battle In Bremerton" Seattle Times

"Sidran's 'Rocky Road' Runs Through The Eastside" (on '01 Seattle mayoral candidate & near-victor Mark Sidran) Seattle Times

"Jerry Brown's Oakland: A Work In Progress" Rosenblog

"Moving Race Discussion Beyond Cries Of Racism" Seattle Times

"Confronting White Guilt" Seattle Times

"Community Doesn't Need More Racial Posturing" Seattle Times

"The Stereotypes That Feed Seattle's Racial Tensions" Seattle Times

Law Enforcement, Public Safety
"The 'Silent War' Against Black-On-Black Violence" Seattle Times

"Seattle Needs More Police, Not More Police Oversight" Sound Politics

"Seattle Could Take Lessons From New York, On Crimefighting " Sound Politics

"ICE Initiative Raises Bar For Locals, Feds" Sound Politics

"State Supervision Fails Again: Another Dead Cop" Sound Politics

"Time For A 'Susan Lynn West Law'" Sound Politics

"Car Thief Cop-Killer Had 20 Convictions" Sound Politics

"The Face Of Evil, In A Courtroom" Sound Politics

"Seattle Police Response Comes Under Fire - Again" Sound Politics

"Crime-Plagued Vancouver At Crossroads" Rosenblog

"Is There Any Fixing Vancouver's Gastown?" Rosenblog

"Anomie In Ashland" Rosenblog

"Uptight Gringo to The Rescue In Santa Ana" Rosenblog

"Why Some Walk Away From Seattle Public Schools" Seattle Times

"Seattle Public Schools An Academic Crapshoot" Seattle Times

""Technology Can't Bridge Seattle's Educational Gaps" Seattle Times

"Gripes, Hopes And Fears: Seattle Students Sound Off" Seattle Times

"Break Seattle School District In Four," Sound Politics

"Putting Politics Ahead Of Kids" Seattle Times

"How To Start Fixing Seattle Public Schools" Sound Politics

"Seattle Gets NEA Grant for 'Culturally Relevant' Teacher Training" Sound Politics

"It Makes Sense To Help Sub-PAR Teachers" (Bellevue School District tries to aid at-risk teachers) Seattle Times

Local Flavor

"From Manny's To The Shedd, Via Chicago Sardine Authority" Rosenblog

"Seattle's Best Hot Dogs, At Matt's," Rosenblog

"Malay Satay Hut Rules!" (Casual, outstanding Malaysian restaurant in Seattle's International District) Rosenblog

"Mount Rainier, From Under The Aurora Avenue Bridge" Rosenblog

"Seattle September Sunset" Rosenblog

"In Seattle's Muck And Mire" (Low tide at Alki Beach) Rosenblog

"Touring Like A Local: West Seattle's Lincoln Park" Rosenblog

"I Ain't Got No Big Itch For Greenlake" (Seattle's Greenlake Park, and namesake neighborhood, from the perspective of a local, and a tourist) Rosenblog

"Cruising For Produce On Vashon Island" Rosenblog

"Marrowstone Musings" (Vacationing on Marrowstone Island, in Puget Sound) Rosenblog

"Washington State Ferries: The Good Wait" Rosenblog

"Northeast Tacoma's Hidden Gem: Dash Point Park" Rosenblog

"Finding Northwest Spirit On South Sound Tides" Seattle Times

"Family-Friendly Hike To Barclay Lake" (An excellent day-hike within driving distance of Seattle) Rosenblog

"Touring Like A Local: The Magic Of Mountain Loop Highway" Rosenblog

"Index, Washington Needs A Shot In The Arm" Rosenblog

"Middle Fork On My Mind" (A hike along the Middle Fork of the Snoqualmie River - and a trip back in time. Blame it on Ray Charles) Rosenblog

"God Bless America, And Western Washington" (A July 4 weekend photo essay of a Hood Canal circle tour) Sound Politics

"Whoppin' Good Eats In Southwest Washington State," Rosenblog

"Dropping In On B.C.'s Laid Back, Counter-culture Hornby Island" Seattle Times

"The Best And Worst Of Vancouver" Rosenblog

"Best And Worst Of Vancouver: Part Two" Rosenblog

"Lessons In Art Of Survival For Bellevue Museum" (cutting-edge "art" falls flat) Seattle Times

Carrying The Torch For Seattle's Lady Liberty" Seattle Times

"Something Smells About The Chinese Corpses On Display In Seattle" Rosenblog

"Shame On Fremont For Its Tribute To Lenin" Seattle Times

"Love Or Confusion?" (review of Hendrix tribute concert in Seattle) iFeminists.net

"What Makes Salsa Salsa?" (Layla Angulo concert at Triple Door), Rosenblog

"Tim McGraw Serves Up Spice Faith Hill Lacks" (TacomaDome concert review) Seattle Times

"What's A Texas Banjo Picker Doing Playing Rock On Hood Canal?" (Danny Barnes) Seattle Times

"Bellevue Man Stretches Limits Of Pedal Steel Guitar" Seattle Times

"Chicago, Chicago" (Promontory Point, Hyde Park, the Nile Restaurant, the Gold Coast) Rosenblog

"Rosenblog's Chicago Restaurant Guide, Vol. 2" (El Nuevo Leon, Gene & Georgetti's, The Mirabel, more) Rosenblog

"Notes From Chicago" (Art Institute, Wrigely Field, Lincoln Park, The Mexican neighborhood of Little Village; Los Candiles restaurant) Rosenblog

"Savor The Flavor Of Chicago's Puerto Rican Epicenter - Humboldt Park" Rosenblog

"The Sphinxes See All, From Chicago's Willoughby Tower" Rosenblog

"Making The Most Of The Oregon Coast: Newport" Rosenblog

"Salem? Fuggedaboudit!" Rosenblog

"Boring: Not For Long" (Boring, Oregon) Rosenblog

"Where The Waters Meet" (Enjoying California's "Mendonoma" Coast) California CEO

"Hello, Coronado" (on the "disintermediated" tourism ethos; Playa Coronado flava; historic landmark hotel pix) Rosenblog

"San Diego's Point Loma And Ocean Beach" (big high views of S.D.; history; nature; a great hippie 'hood; foodie fun) Rosenblog

"Living Large In Orange County" (recreational sociology + Laguna Beach tidepooling, Dana Point) Rosenblog

"Touring Like A Local." (San Francisco's neighborhoods - not its' stale tourist attractions - are what make for a great visit. Same deal in Seattle) Rosenblog

"A Polebridge State Of Mind" (the less-seen scene in Glacier) Rosenblog

"Montana's St. Ignatius Frescoes, And Mission Falls" Rosenblog

"Mystery Blogger Stalks Grand Rapids" Rosenblog

"Beach Pole-Vaulting In Grand Haven" Rosenblog


Here is Matt's professional bio, as well as speciality blogging and writing on transportation, and earned media resulting from Matt's behind-the-scenes work for his employers and clients. Another portfolio is Matt In The News.

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