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Anti-Reptilians Must Hie To High Desert Battleground

October 06, 2006

Honestly, these people are so clueless. If they want the "Reptilians" outta D.C., well, they should be spending their organizing capital on phone-banking and other GOTV activities. But it feels so much better to vent, over and over.

One big theme at the "World Can't Wait" Impeach Bush protests yesterday was controlled demolitions. Bush-ites apparently blew up the levees in New Orleans.

And the Twin Towers, as we learn in this pic (right) from Woodinville photoblogger Byron Dazey's great post on the Olympia and Seattle protests.

In San Francisco, protesters were planning to jail a 40-foot-high statue of Bush, for war crimes. The Chron reports:

(World Can't Wait) national coordinator Debra Sweet said, "The Bush regime is leading us in such a dangerous direction that the only thing you can do is literally pull people out on the streets to express the sentiments that aren't being expressed in any other way."

The problem, Debra, is that those sentiments were expressed in '04, and didn't work. Neither more anti-Bush bile, nor grasping at things like the Foley scandal, is how Dems win the House and Senate in '06, or any other year.

Strategically, renegade conservative author Ryan Sager is right: these folks ought to continue moving to the Inland West en masse if they want to put Congress and the White House in Democratic hands.

In his seminal book, "The Elephant In The Room" (full 1st chapter excerpt here) Sager postulates the real Achilles Heel of the GOP, over coming years, will be its Big Gummint pandering to social conservatives. Smart Dems will take note, with the key, libertarian-minded Inland West electorate - already beginning to embrace their party - at top of mind.


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