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Friday Night Potpourri

April 29, 2005

At BumperStickerPolitix, Spin Daddy's got some - guess what? - GREAT bumper stickers. Click here, and get some, now! UPDATE: Spin is moving and will be selling his bumper stickers through another venue when he's settled back in.

Demo paternalism: it bites! Tom Elia has more, at The New Editor.

Skor Grimm deconstructs a ickily desperate national Demo fundraising plea to help temporary WA Gov. Christine Gregoire dig out of the deep, deep s***hole in which she and WA state Dems find themselves. Contested election lawsuit-wise.

Expertise is the nom-de-plume of a black conservative who has a kickin' politics and sports blog. Via Booker Rising, a key blogspot for commentary and links to black moderate and conservative bloggers.

Y'all, right here: it's Redneck Car Alarm from Boboblogger. Via the excellent blogroll of my boy Jeff at Ponytailed Conservative.

Also via Jeff's great blogroll: Shakey Pete on teachin' gun safety ta' yer kid. I like the part about the exploded melon.

Is this funny? I think so. Shout out: What Attitude Problem.

Head Heeb has a good Lebanon update.

Everything you wanted to know about Park Slope lesbians. Not sure if they're welcome in Lebanon yet. Maybe after the elections.

Posted by Matt Rosenberg at April 29, 2005 11:03 PM


Matt Thxs for the plug but I wanted to let everybody know, Ebay store is down right now pending move.

Packing and loading truck today, tommorrow driving truck, Monday offloading truck. You get the idea. Moving Sucks, next time I am paying somebody else to do this.

Sorry for the inconvenience. Will advs when back up. Might not continue w/Ebay, mght just install shopping cart.

Thxs again for the plug though...BTW I am working on one for Hillary but haven't come up with anything. -Spin

Posted by: SpinDaddy at April 30, 2005 04:17 AM

More info at the BumperStickerPolitix post by clicking on SpinDaddy link below. -Spin

Posted by: SpinDaddy at April 30, 2005 04:44 AM

Hey, thanks for the "props" on the blogroll, man!

(I *hope* I'm using that new street slang properly... I'm getting further and further out-of-touch wid' it as I get older! A GOOD thing, IMHO.)

Posted by: Jeff at April 30, 2005 09:51 AM

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